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Keys to Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Your stainless steel appliances may be the cornerstone of your kitchen, both in function and in appearance, but how can you keep the surfaces smudge-free and shining from day to day? Misconceptions abound on which substances are acceptable for stainless steel cleaning, and certain materials are more effective than others. Follow this guide to find out for yourself.

Products and Tactics to Avoid
First, it is essential to review the cleaning products and tools that may not only be ineffective at cleaning and polishing your appliances, but could also damage the exterior permanently. While it is widely believed that stainless steel is impervious to rusting and staining, this is not the case.
Never use a product with chlorine bleach to clean stainless steel. Bleach accelerates the corrosion process and can contribute to rusting and staining due to the extreme power of the chemical. Additionally, avoid using oven cleaners intended for interior oven use.

Never scrub stainless steel with hard-bristled brushes or steel wool, since it can irreparably mar the smooth finish. Avoid using hard water to rinse after cleaning - the minerals may cause spotting and staining.
Before You Clean
Read the owner's manual to find out the specific recommendations for your appliance's make and model. The manufacturer may have a line of products designed to work best with your appliance. Also, depending on the appliance make, it may have been finished with a clear protective coating. Using unauthorized cleaning products can cause unsightly damage to the exterior.
Make sure each appliance is at room temperature before you clean it. In lieu of an in-depth cleaning, maintain the daily appearance of all surfaces by wiping them down with a warm, soapy washcloth then rinsing and drying once per day. This preventive maintenance can keep stubborn stains at bay.
Cleaning Strategies that Work Best

Whenever you are cleaning stainless steel, always begin at the top of the appliance and wipe in the direction of the grain. Use soft cloths made of microfiber to rub away dirt, fingerprints and grime.
Surprisingly, many of the most effective cleaners may be found in your kitchen. The acidity in vinegar breaks down the unwanted particles on the steel surface without harming the finish. Fill a spray bottle with distilled vinegar and apply it to the appliance, wiping with the grain to eradicate marks. While the smell of vinegar may be overwhelmingly strong at first, once it dries it should mostly dissipate.

Baking soda can be used as a natural scouring paste for stainless steel. Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water until it reaches a spreadable consistency. Apply and rub away stubborn spots using a soft cloth, then rinse the excess away.
Once all dirt is removed, place a small amount of olive oil on a cloth and polish the surface until it reaches the desired shine. Using supplies already in your pantry, you can restore your beloved kitchen appliances to their previous luster.

Luxurious Brown Leather Sofa

There is something that is just so stately about a brown leather sofa. Maybe because it is always featured in movies as part of a big library or as a formal living room, they just are so sophisticated and classic.
They have never gone out of style and seem to fit in nicely with most home décor. There durability is also a big selling point.

Where to Put a Brown Leather Sofa
There are plenty of uses for this type of sofa that far exceeds other sofas made of different materials. The leather affords a certain durability that most other types of furniture just does not offer. These types of sofas are perfect or families with pets and with children. They can be wiped clean and can really hold up well to rough housing by both pets and children.

Sofa placement is not exclusively limited to the living room or family room or den any longer. Today it is not unusual to see a sofa used as a seating area in a large eat in kitchen. Of course it is still widely favored to place your sofa in the traditional rooms of the house.
A brown leather sofa is perfectly placed in front of a fireplace. It is also perfect in a formal living room or a den.
There are plenty of styles to choose from. There are tufted models that are very formal looking and overstuffed models that are very comfortable. There is a style for every taste and décor.
Some of the models that are tufted are very elegant looking and will do best in a masculine room. The overstuffed types are great for a family room or a den. They are big and comfortable.

A brown leather sofa can come in many different shades of brown, you are not limited to one specific type of brown. You can easily match your sofa to existing furniture or make your sofa the focal point of the room and work to match other furnishings to it. A great way to add a little splash to a brown leather sofa is to use throw pillows that are in accent colors, or even an afghan thrown casually across the back of the sofa can also add a little color and tie the rest of your furnishings in nicely.

You can purchase this type of sofa from a wide variety of furniture dealers. The prices will vary and will depend largely on the style of the sofa, the manufacturer of the sofa and the grade of the leather of the sofa. You can expect to spend anywhere from five hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars.
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